Ministry Overview

Our heart and vision is of a community where all gifted children can realize their full artistic potential to the glory of God.

Ministry Model

  • We actively recruit children in high-risk situations (foster care, single parent homes, group homes, remedial programs) to participate in tuition free dance classes. It is our heart that these children will be nurtured in the love of Christ and equipped for the future!
  • These community dance classes culminate in performance opportunities for students at all levels of talent and fitness to uplift the students, inspire them and bless the community.
  • Gifted children from our community dance classes are selected to enroll in the Cornerstone Ballet Conservatory.
  • They study the prestigious Vaganova (Russian ballet) syllabus for their technical training.
  • And the gospel of Jesus Christ for their spiritual formation.
  • Students are prepared (tuition free) for professional careers regardless of background and financial means. Helping them to break the cycle of current situation and being inspired to give back.
  • The conservatory reaches out to the arts community to identify placement opportunities for students and to share the Good News of Jesus Christ through performances.
  • Cornerstone provides talent for existing community events.
  • Cornerstone also produces events allowing Christian artists of all disciplines to bring the gospel message to the public square. The model is Christmas near the Beach which has grown from a local beachfront event to a regional festival drawing visitors from all over South Florida and beyond.

Success Indicators

  • Training success will be evaluated by the number and quality of placements in professional ballet companies
  • Progress of conservatory students will be evaluated by Vaganova syllabus examinations
  • Impact of Community Dance classes will be evaluated by student participation in performances.
  • Impact on student’s spiritual growth will be measured through a spiritual inventory
  • Community impact will be measured by media analytics.
  • CBC events will be evaluated by audience size and engagement (including fundraising results).

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