Ballet Program

The Ballet Conservatory offers community outreach dance classes as well as classical ballet curriculum.

Our heart is that children from high-risk neighborhoods in challenging situations will be nurtured in the love of Christ and equipped for the future using their God given talents.  

Our mission is to help children in challenging circumstances to develop their artistic gifts through training and discipleship. We will accomplish this through community classes and discipleship as well as the ballet training including outreach performances.

The Ballet Conservatory Program

All students that would like to register to audition for the ballet conservatory program, or that are invited to audition, must be also 9 years of age. No previous training necessary. No payment is required.

The Ballet Conservatory Program classes are based on the “Vaganova Syllabus” method. The prestigious Russian method acknowledged all over the world as the foremost training syllabus of classical ballet and it is to be called simply “Teaching Method of Classical Dance” founded by Agrippina Vaganova.

The Method is an extraordinary system that permits to develop the knowledge of how one’s body should be used in order to dance with expression, yet without injuries. It is important to know that during the 30 years she spent teaching at the Leningrad Choreographic School, Vaganova developed a ballet technique that combined elements of French, Italian, and earlier Russian technique, and a training method to teach the technique! So as mentioned before this method fuses elements of traditional French style from the romantic era with the athleticism and virtuosity of Italian technique! This method called by many as the “Russian” method, came together from the previous methods using the best parts and results from those methods and it has been considered by the masters of ballet as the true method of teaching classical ballet. “Vaganova” was using her pupils during class as her laboratory to perfect the technique and strategy given by previous methods, which she learned from the masters herself.Today most of the top ballet schools, specially conservatories in the world are only using the “Vaganova Method” and many would say that this method is the ultimate method which will now stay for all further ballet education from centuries to come…To read more about the ballet methods and specially the Vaganova method, please visit this page!

  • All students in the ballet conservatory classes will be placed under proper level classes (3 to 5 days a week) and will be provided with the correct attire for classes.
  • Students’s parents or guardian may be presented with the opportunity from time to time to serve under community hours to help the school with basic needs.
  • All parents and guardians must to understand and sign the written school contract that explains the school policies and regulations.
  • There are no charges for tuition or costumes. There are no performance participation fees. The only requirement for involvement is the signed contract for school policies and regulations.

Full Time Student Opportunity

Students under the ballet curriculum qualify for the option to join our home schooling group in a Christian setting (with computer access!) so that they are able to take extra ballet classes to advance in their training as well as engage on a more private discipleship opportunity!

This will allow for more serious training on a full time conservatory program for school and classical ballet work. Our hope is that full academic classrooms for all levels of ballet classes would be established with time, this model is inspired by the Vaganova Ballet Academy in Russia.

The school is supported 100% from partners, grants and performance fundraisers!

We believe that all gifted children should be nurtured regardless of financial status. Ballet for the most part, has been the art of the rich and it takes a lot of dedication and training. It is our vision to bring this opportunity to all children whom have been called to serve in this gift.


For class schedules and the ballet conservatory auditions, please email us directly at